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And then I felt old

My little 17 niece works for us.  If we are being honest she is my cousin but she is 10 years younger then me so I've always called her my niece out of habit. 

Last week at work Something broke, maybe a kids toy or an office thing.  I looked at my niece and said, "I'll just McGyver it back together."  She smiled and kind of laughed in a way that she had no idea what I was talking about.  So I ask, "Do you even know who McGyver is?"

"YES! He's the lead singer of The Rolling Stones."

I nearly died from laughter.  And then I thought, OMG if she doesn't know who McGyver is and I do, does that make me old?

To answer, NO, McGyver is NOT Mick Jagger.

Yesterday at work, I walked in to find my same niece listening to YouTube instead of Itunes.  When I inquired about it I discovered the old girl in that office had left a bunch of bands like Tool, Manson and Godhead on the Itunes.  To remidy that we latched on to my computer and she began going through my music.  When she scrolled past Candlebox I said, "Oh Candlebox you will for sure want them right?"

Her reply, "I don't even know who Candlebox is."

What?  Am I that old.  Okay.  Let me do some math.  I've been out of school for nine years, High school was four years so 9+4 is 13 and then add another year for middle school so 14 which would have made her THREE when my favorite band came out.



I am ancient!

After that I found out she didn't know who Tom Petty was.  I had to sing her a song for her to kind of realize who he was.  Who doesn't know Tom Petty?  YOUNG PEOPLE!

So the moral of the story is:


Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jul. 31, 2009


Jul. 31 2009
Just Jiff said…
I found that out the hard way about myself when I was in my mid twenties and sitting in microbiology lab and none of my lab partners had ever heard of NKOTB. I made a joke about how our instructor looked like an NKOTB ripoff and they just stared at me like a deer in headlights. I felt so old that day.
Jul. 31 2009
Mom said…
I love the way you know the music that was playing when you was in side me. You know who all the really old bands are and you love the old guys not just the music that played in YOUR days. Your friends would ask you who is that. Funny if you ask that 17 year niece who Pink Floyd is she knows. Keep on rocking Shannie
Jul. 31 2009
This is so not fair. I mean Shannon has an entire decade on me she is literally 10 years older then me almost exactly. There are a lot of band names that I don't know just because I really don't care if I know there name I just like the music that even goes with music I listen to on a daily basis. SO the truth is i am just music challenge( I don't remember names or songs)! I mean I am 17 and I love DR. HOOK and Pink Floyd!!!! GOSH SHANNY
Aug. 04 2009
Alicia said…
Sounds like you need to teach the neice a thing or two about good music. Were not old.. Hell were in our prime 20's and we know good music.


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