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I know....I KNOW


I have to.

I have to talk about Big Brother andi'msorryinadvance!

Here is my breakdown so far.


I heart Lydia and Jeff.

What the fuck did Ronnie do this week?  For someone so smart he sure is a total fucking moron dumbass!!

Natalie is a bitch.  And also, 18 PUUULEASE! 

Mrs HUGE GIANT FAKE TITTIES "it's not my fault I have big boobs."  Um, whose fault is it that you paid a doctor to shove implants in your shit?  Was it spontaneous boobage?  Miraculous implants?  She just woke up with boobs?  I want to stick a needle in them.  Is she not the most annoying dumbshit in the history of Big Brother?

Chima drives me nuts too, I haven't figured out why yet..maybe she is just sort of a ditz.

Everyone else is kind of under my radar right now.  Besides stupid moron fucking Jesse.  Dear God why did they bring they weirdo back?  I wanted Jessica to come back just so I could find out if she was still dating that geek Eric.

I must say this has been a very intense season already.  I'm only two shows in and already It is all so shocking.  If I turn my head I miss something. 

I hope the lame muscle people don't win next week.  Barf on them.  Mostly barf on Jesse and Natalie!

What is your take on this season?


Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jul. 16, 2009


Jul. 17 2009
Tabitha said…
I usually love Big Brother over here but have not watched any of it this year~ think I must be having a big brother break!! Sounds like they are having fun this year in the US show! Love and hugs Tab XXXX
Jul. 17 2009
Katie said…
I HATE Ronnie, he is so annoying and I pretty sure he only has one ball. I like the entire Athlete's crew, even if they are disfunctional. Natalie is 24, not 18. And I like her, she reminds me of Michelle Rodriguez's character on the Fast and the Furious. I don't like Lydia, she is annoying and her bottom teeth are driving me nuts. But I do love Kevin, he's fun.
Jul. 22 2009
Alicia said…
OH hells yeah! I didn't know you were a BB fan too! Well said girlfriend about everything! My thoughts are exactly the fucking same.. kinda odd because nobody thinks like me. :)


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