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He must be my kid huh

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jul. 1, 2009


Jul. 01 2009
Sabrina said…
Jul. 02 2009
Mom said…
He has no idea what he is doing except Papa told him it was a bird. So he goes around saying look at my bird look at my bird. Papa is going to get him in trouble.
Jul. 07 2009
Chelsea said…
WOW! I am so happy to see that after high school you can teach your own children the only thing you ever learned and that is how to "Fuck" people. I Hope you learned a lot from your financial situation, hopefully you will take the second chance and stop taking advantage of your parents. Its time to grow up, we all have to.
Jul. 07 2009
Misguided Mommy said…
Awwww Chelsea isn't that sweet. You were too much of a coward to leave a real name or Url, but brave enough to talk about things you don't know. What's wrong with "fucking" people honey, sex is human nature, it feels good and it's fun. I'd sure hate to be the one who gets stuck married to a boring old shrew like you. Take care! PS. Obviously you didn't learn how to read in high school or you would see, I'm not the one who taught him that. Next time, maybe put on your reading glasses before leaving bullshit comments like that!
Jul. 07 2009
Just Jiff said…
Hm. Chelsea needs to go spread her sunshine elsewhere. Ahem. So anyway. I was sitting there thinking, WOW. What an awesome face paint job!! Then he flipped us off. LMAO. And almost every kid flips someone off... and that doesn't mean the parents taught them. Z double flipped our neighbors off and I know I didn't teach him... kids learn so much from other kids and elsewhere. But that still made me laugh! lol
Jul. 07 2009
Nichoel said…
My little brother used to flip people off from his car seat while I was driving him places - and yeah I'm pretty sure I am responsible for teaching him that one :) And it looks like your little man is taking after his mommy LMAO!
Jul. 07 2009
Mrs. F said…
Wow, that face paint is ridiculously adorable! (But then, when is he NOT adorable???) Also? Chelsea is a bitchface. And a coward.
Jul. 07 2009
Steph said…
this is hilarious. my sister and I used to flip people off from the back seat of my mom's car. we didn't know what it meant but liked the reaction we got. my mom wasn't too thrilled when she figured it out;)
Jul. 07 2009
Ginger said…
Hey Chelsea! Are you all pissy because it was actually YOUR boyfriend who had to stay warm in Shannon's bed because you were a prude or a bad lay? And really, should you be the one talking about 'growing up' considering you are you still holding onto something that happened a decade ago???
Jul. 07 2009
Lainey-Paney said…
what cute face painting! no, i'm not commenting on the other.
Jul. 09 2009
Alicia said…
My tight ass family would FREAK if I posted something like that on my blog... maybe that's something I can do when one of them pisses me off next time.. Thanks for the idea! :)


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