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posted on Jun. 2, 2009


Jun. 02 2009
lucinda! said…
yay!!! you have fresh flowers back in your house! they look so beautiful!
Jun. 02 2009
Julia said…
Awwww, they are so pretty!
Jun. 02 2009
Steph said…
so jealous!
Jun. 02 2009
Sarah Lynn said…
Beautiful! I love the water droplets on the petals too! :)
Jun. 02 2009
Ballistic Butterfly said…
Those are AWESOME! So is the new blanket chest below! LOVE it!
Jun. 02 2009
Lainey-Paney said…
I'm so jealous!
Jun. 02 2009
crissy cullen said…
pretty sure you and i have the exact same garden. seriously.
Jun. 03 2009
Heidi said…
They look so pretty, they look fake. Isn't that funny? Almost too good to be true.


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