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For the first time in 11 years I am not affraid!

I checked my mail today and was delighted to see a big ole envelope from my bestest blogger buddy Cris Cullen.  I was stoked, I was convinced more good mail would follow. 

But then I saw it.  The envelope from DMV. 


Uggggggg NOOOOOOOOO.  I hate car registration.  It always sneaks up on me, I never plan for it, and I always get fucked trying to find the money to pay for it.


But wait?

I started the envelope system.  That envelope is the one I have been most vigilant about from the beginning.  Any extra money I've gotten in the last few months has went there.  When I was sure there was enough in it to cover both of our registrations I moved it to the safe and started a new envelope for next year.  This time instead of waiting until the last minute to find a way to pay it and most likely getting a late fee I told Rob to go grab the cash and pay it as soon as possible.  I was almost giddy.

The envelope system may not have solved all of our financial problems.  We aren't out of debt, money is still tight BUT it did stop it from being worse.  Instead of borrowing from next week to pay registration it is already handled.  One less thing I had to stress about.  

If this is what financial peace is all about, sign me up, I like seeing a bill in the mail and being excited to pay it!


In other news, my kids have been real treats lately.  Codi has taken to destroying my home office.  Total destruction.  Ripping up check books, papers, etc.  Dismantling drawers and basically clearing the entire top of my desk off.  A couple weeks ago I walked in to see that him and or Brandon had climbed on my desk and retrieved my spray glue, then they proceeded to see how much stuff they could glue to my desk and carpets.  I came in right about the time that they glued an entire piece of 8.5 x11 paper to my desk drawer with so much glue it was literally dripping...that is a hard thing to accomplish considering it was SPRAY GLUE, it sprays a fine mist.  How long do you think they had to have sat there spraying to make it drip?

Probably about as long as Brandon had to squirt the Febreeze bottle the other day to make a full 12 x12 puddle of Summer Breeze Febreeze in my house, not to mention the amount of time it took for him to soak Codi's head in so much Febreeze that it took 6 baths SIX for my child to stop smelling like a piece of upholstery. 

Last week I was brushing Codi's teeth.  We walked downstairs to find Brandon standing by the window with his hand covering something on it.  When I looked at it, he moved his hand revealing a foam sticker letter and simply stated, "Codi did it."  I had a good laugh at that one because it didn't even occur to him that he had just blamed his brother who had been upstairs with me.  This is Brandon's new favorite thing to say, "CODI DID IT."  Codi does everything.  If Codi is in the kitchen in my arms and a Cheeto comes flying through the air from the living room to the kitchen CODI DID IT.  If Codi is taking a nap and "someones" cup of milk spills CODI DID IT.  If Codi is playing with the trains and "someone" rips a book CODI DID IT. 

I have found a new theme song for my children CLICK HERE TO ENJOY IT

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on May. 30, 2009


May. 30 2009
Ben Wa Balls said…
You're so awesome. Just thought you should know.
May. 30 2009
Midwest Mommy said…
OMG I need pictures of this home office! I cannot imagine finding my kids gluing stuff all over, lol. I know, funny but not really funny.
May. 30 2009
Katie Mc said…
Ok, so the song is freaking HILARIOUS!
May. 31 2009
Robert Mateo said…
She was pretty giddy about the bill. Nice title of the song.
May. 31 2009
Mom said…
I sure hope the boys are not giving me a hard time like that when I'm that old or Ill be calling them a lot more then just that. Poor old lady.
May. 31 2009
Ginger said…
Cris Cullen huh? Sigh...you guys are such dorks!
Jun. 01 2009
crissy cullen said…
i just went to the dmv to pay m's reg and got the delightful surprise that it was 100 more than last year! does that make you happy too???


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