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Wait, was it mothers day or something

Sunday morning i woke up to find the server that hosts my blog was down.  That is why there are no super heart felt posts from me.  Late Sunday they got it back up and running, unfortunatly the server in my head did not start processing until just now.

My mom and I woke up early (along with Rob) and headed to the local Mom's on the Run, benefit for breast cancer.  Here are some photos from that.

Robs running pose

The boys going down the big slide at the end of the race

Could Brandon's hair be any more awesome?

Me and my mommy at the finish line

At the finish line with the boys

Codi got I heart mom on his cheek.  It was soooo cute!

Brandon loves me too.  The kids from the local high school set up a face painting booth for free.  They also had donuts, muffins, milk, water and fruit for all of the finishers.  Plus a bounce house, bounce race course and super slide.

I got one just like Brandon's because I love my mom too!

Codi's first time in a bounce house.  He LOVED IT!

Brandon had a blast too!

They both gave me kisses


My favorite part was when I forgot to lock the stroller in jog mode and mom took off running.  The stroller didn't like running in walk mode and flipped over.  Brandon, was being all smart mouth before talking about how he didn't need a seat belt he was big.  So you can imagine that when the stroller flipped Brandon went FLYING!  We got him back in, fixed up the stroller and away we went.  We actually did the 3k fast walk.  It went all around the river and right in front of the spot I got married.  It was such a beautiful day.  Sun shining, good company and tons of green.  Mom and I had a blast.


Finally, mom and I got extensions put in for a donation to the cancer research, aren't I cute!!!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on May. 12, 2009


May. 12 2009
Ben Wa Balls said…
You are fricken cute. I LOVE the pics of you, ALL OF THEM, but especially the last.
May. 12 2009
Christy said…
You are cute! Sounds like an awesome day. I just sat around the house being lazy and demanding that my husband do all the chores.
May. 12 2009
Just Jiff said…
Looks like you had a great time. :)
May. 12 2009
Mom said…
You forgot to say that Codi has his seat belt on and he just rolled with the stroller and didn't think anything of it. I think Rob did good doing the 5K in 28 min. It was a great mothers day.
May. 12 2009
Sarah Lynn said…
Happy (late) Mother's Day! Sucks your server was down! Thanks for all the recent blog comment. I can't believe Rob calls cough drops candies too & flip flops slippers! Does he call sneakers "rubber shoes?" Because that is the weirdest one to me! Is your hubby american pinoy or did he move over here from the Phil? And I'm sorry about all the chocolate posts lately.. haha. I've gotten into a BAD hobby with the candy making lately!
May. 12 2009
Billie said…
Great photos! I love the hair! Looks like your boys really enjoyed the bounce houses!
May. 13 2009
kristi said…
Lurve it!!! The boys are so freakin' cute...so is their mommy!
May. 15 2009
midwest Mommy said…
My comment won't work on your newest post. Let's try here. I think we can see why she had immediate openings! I hope the other doctor is better. I am so with you on the appearance of the office reflecting the doctor. Although I hope the appearance of the house isn't a reflection on the mother...I might be screwed, lol


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