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Crissy tagged me for this.  It's been going around the blogosphere for a while now.  Take a picture of yourself right then and there.  No make up, primping, posing.  You can see how tired I am if you look in my eyes.



I tag the next five people who read this blog!



Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Apr. 30, 2009


Apr. 30 2009
Marni said…
YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! Hey, I'm actually dressed nice and have mascara on today, I'd totally dig a tagging. JOKING. Actually, I am thinking of having Will do my Weigh In photo today, that way I can post it tomorrow and my hair is actually done and stuff. Blah blah...
Apr. 30 2009
Julia said…
Such a cute photo, you two look so peaceful. And you look really good for being "all natural". I hate having my picture taken with no make up on because ever since Jayla was born the rings under my eyes have been especially dark and noticeable LOL
Apr. 30 2009
crissy cullen said…
told you it was cute.
Apr. 30 2009
Midwest Mommy said…
Your little one is just so cute!
May. 01 2009
Mrs. F said…
I am just going to pretend like I did not read this then! Cute photo, by the way!
May. 03 2009
kristi said…
Nice try. Not happening.
May. 04 2009
Alicia said…
Hey! I came over from Marni's blog and so glad I did. You are a trip and I LOVE your choice of words.. I have a potty mouth myself and proud of it, lol. Have a great day and I'll be back for sure.
May. 04 2009
Tabitha said…
You both look so natural and sweet together. Love Tab XXXX


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