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Then and now

When I first moved into this house I was in need of some couches.  I knew I couldn't afford anything spectacular so I turned to Craigs List.  Imagine my surprise when one day my mom found these gorgeous down slipcover couches for only $400.00 on day.  Turns out the guy spent $3,000.00 on these two years ago at Macys.  His wife was from England and for whatever reason she was deported very quickly.  This left him with an entire house to empty so he could get there with her.  He was selling everything for dirt cheap.  In fact he was in such a hurry he also threw in a coffee table for Rob's man room, a very cute little stool and my favorite fake plant.

Anyway the couches are down and they rock.  The only problem is, THEY WERE WHITE!  I have two kids.  That means that my pretty couches now look like this.

They don't look bad from here right?  Lets get up close okay..

See how they are now closer to grey and full of stains.

That is chocolate, ice cream, markers, vomit, spit up and other nasty things. What is worse, is that is after the cusions have been washed.  What happened is, at the beginging I was too afraid to wash them in case of shrinkage.  So the stains built up.  One day Brandon puked all over it and I was left with no choice but to toss it in the wash, and lo, it came out perfect.  However the main couch cover was too big to wash, and in the end white was not my color.  The night that Rob and I wanted to work out he left the boys in the living room with some kind of Buzz Lightyear tin.  Turns out inside of it was a ton of markers and crayons.  They pried it open and colored the entire couch RAINBOW!  That's when I knew it was done.  With our taxes I ordered new slip covers from Macy's.

So with out further ado, I present my new slip covers.

This is my new favorite reading chair.  I went with a floral pattern here because I love those old vintage patterns, and it matches the old feel and coloring of my house.

I went with a beige for the main couch.  It brings out the color in the leaves on the chair, and it looks nice and neutral so I can mess around with pillows at a later time.

I realize the chair is awfully girly and that is exactly what I wanted.  I wanted it to be clear that was mommies reading chair. (Ignore the treadmill, now that I'm running outside it will be moved outside and my living room will be pretty and foo foo again!

I can't stress how much I love that little table.  Like I mentioned before it was left by the previous renters.  After washing it up I love it.  The color, the age, the wear and tear, all of it.   It absolutely does not match anything and that is what makes it perfect.  Nothing in my house is the same color.  None of my wood matches, my patterns, none of it, and I think that is what makes it work.

Anyway, I'm thrilled at my new couches.  THRILLED!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Apr. 27, 2009


Apr. 28 2009
steph said…
I love the fabrics you picked out!!!! ooh la la! also I would totally steal that table from you if I could.
Apr. 28 2009
Sarah said…
Loooove the slipcovers! I think I need to invest in some good ones, one of these days... And YES!!!!! I would LOVE that bag!! It's darling! =)
Apr. 28 2009
Christy said…
I have to admit, I didn't really like the couch and chair in white. But the new colors look fabulous. SERIOUSLY! I am way jealous. My couch is all stained up, but I can't just buy new slip covers:(
Apr. 28 2009
Billie said…
I can't stand white around kids. It just doesn't work. I love the new slipcovers, though! They look great.
Apr. 28 2009
kristi said…
Nice! The white couches would look like hell in my house..........dirty hell.
Apr. 28 2009
Julia said…
Great job, the couches look really good!!!!
Apr. 29 2009
Tabitha said…
That looks great ~ I love what you have done. XXX
May. 02 2009
Mrs. F said…
I love the new slipcovers so much more than the white. Very pretty!


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