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B&C Park

The weekend started with the boys in their fort.  My mom built it for them

Proof Codi ate chicken


Realizing they drilled in the wrong spot AGAIN

Brandon helped them drill

He was really good at it, he also learned to hammer nails

Codi drilled too!

Our first ride on the tire swing

Let's not discuss my lack of tan mmmkay

The almost finished product.  There is still more crap to add

The other side.  That is called a Turbo slide. 

The men who made it all possible

Aren't they all silly

Ready to go down the turbo slide

That thing scares the shit out of me

Catch me papa

brandon is already a pro turbo slider

Give dad a couple beers and he is a pro too!

Here comes Codi

My mom spent the weekend weeding my garden and planting veggies.  She got me basil, thyme, oregano, pumpkins, onions, cilantro, more chives, potatoes, and more.  She also cleaned my roses up all pretty.  I bbq'd dinner!

My husband got an awesome tan line!

We topped the last two weekends off with some popsicles and a wagon ride

Brandon is thrilled with the warm weather


My dancing fool

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Apr. 21, 2009


Apr. 21 2009
Mrs. J said…
That's a very nice "B&C" park! It's so fantastic that your dad and husband do a lot of those work together. I envy you. When we have kids, they won't have grandfathers :( Your mom is awesome too! I have to figure out what and how to plant on my own LOL
Apr. 21 2009
Sarah Lynn said…
Wow! Looks like a great time! I especially love the "fort" haha. The playground area is impressive!
Apr. 21 2009
Christy said…
I am so jealous. I want a swing set for my backyard!
Apr. 21 2009
Stephanie said…
I saw you over at Just jiff and when I read your comment tonight when she posted about hobbies I about fell out of my chair. I can't tell you how many times I feel like that of course when i read it to my husband he didn't think it was half as funny as I did :) Just thought I'd come say hi..love your blog..You have a beautiful family!
Apr. 22 2009
Billie said…
SO much fun! Sounds like you guys have been working hard. How awesome that your mom came and did your weeding. Will she do mine? =)
Apr. 22 2009
Ben Wa Balls said…
I am sooooooooooo freaking jealous.
Apr. 23 2009
kristi said…
Great!!! Love the photos.
Apr. 23 2009
Tabitha said…
That is great ~ I bet your boys will have so much fun ~ love the pictures XXX
Apr. 25 2009
Mrs. F said…
Whoa, that play structure is HUGE. The boys are going to LOVE having that!


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