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Surprise rain shower

We had some surprise rain here.  I ran over and got the boys rain coats and we commenced puddle jumping.  We all took turns searching the property for the biggest puddles. 

This was Codi's first real experience with puddles.  He got soooo wet!

He really enjoyed puddle jumping.

Brandon got some serious air when he was jumping.  Check him out.

Splash down!

Mud puddle splashing.  His pants, shoes, socks, shirts, everything was SOAKED!

I splashed a little too

My mom felt like you needed to see my rain boots, ratty sweats and ugly jacket.  So fine.  Here is mom puddle jumping!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Apr. 10, 2009


Apr. 11 2009
Tabitha said…
We have plenty of puddles here at the moment, we have had soooo much rain ~ YUCK!! Your boys are so sweet ~ I love the pictures ~ and I love your wellies too ~ wish we had some like that over here ~ ours are all boring and green ha ha !! XXX
Apr. 13 2009
Heidi said…
Coolest mom ever!! How much fun is that AND they get to get wet and dirty. I am so jealous. Where do I get a pair of those rain boots? I saw a family the other day and the kids has matching boots and coats - how fn cute!
Apr. 13 2009
Patty said…
You are too cool of a mom! I can't say my mom encouraged the puddle jumping but it happened none the less!
Apr. 13 2009
Lainey-Paney said…
Love it, Love it, Love it. Those are the things that make you a cool mom.
Apr. 13 2009
Just Jiff said…
How fun! I do this with my stepson... much to his mother's chagrin. heheh.
Apr. 13 2009
Nellie said…
Awww... you are a fun mom! I hope Ellie thinks that way of me. She just got Hello Kitty rain boots for Easter so we'll be out puddle jumping as soon as we get some rain!
Apr. 15 2009
Lindz said…
Have some of our puddles, I am so GD sick of the rain, I could PUKE. There is nothing worse than insisting upon breaking out your spring shoe collection and then getting your toes wet outside. I guess that's my own fault for being stubborn. If I lose my job, I may just move to Nevada and hope that there are teaching positions there where you get more sun than I do here in Oregon. Or we could play home swap or something.
Apr. 16 2009
Marni said…
These pics are freaking awesome!!!


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