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The things parents do

Long ago, to get Brandon to eat his brocoli I took a page from Parents magazine, and told him they were little mini trees.  It worked, he loves them still to this day. (He also still calls them trees but, meh who cares.)

Last night I hit a new creative low.

I made beets.  Brandon eyed them suspiciously and so I said, "Brandon, you know how we put color things in the water to make it change color in the bath?  Well, beets are like colors for you, so if you eat them, YOU WILL HAVE RED PEE!"

And he ate them.  Every last one.

However, when he woke up this morning and said to Rob, "daddy I think I missed my red pee," I felt a little bad.  I have no idea why it didn't work. I'm hoping he gets a red pee at school today or something, because if not I am TOTALLY going to feel like a fraud as a mother!

What tricks do you pull to get your kids to eat?

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Mar. 31, 2009


Mar. 31 2009
Steph said…
Tell him if you eat asparagus, your pee will smell funny. That one is totally true. http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/577/why-does-asparagus-make-your-pee-smell-funny
Mar. 31 2009
Marni Self said…
We have big lows too. Was thinking of blogging them. The other night what we did was my hubby, son and I placed bets on what my daughter was going to eat next. She had to eat to play, so we just kept guessing, No I think she'll bite...
Mar. 31 2009
Mom said…
Tell him to ck his poop tonight cause it turns it red too.
Mar. 31 2009
Tabitha said…
That is so funny ~ but if it works ~ what the heck!! My kids are both too old to be fooled by these stories now, they just look at me like I am a mad woman! (Which actually I am ~ ha ha ) XX
Mar. 31 2009
Sarah Clydesdale said…
Oh god...my mom told me the "tree thing" about broccoli when I was a kid, to this day it reminds me of that when I eat broccoli. haha! I don't think I was a picky vegetable eater though. The only veggies I can't stand are asparagus & okra, everything else I'm okay with.
Mar. 31 2009
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