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So what did you do today

Disclaimer: This was really from yesterday but I didn't get a chance to post it.

My closet yesterday AM.  Oh how messy!

Oh just look at my shoes in such a mess, and my jeans strewn about, drawers not even closed

Dresses all mashed up and pushed to the back


Two hours later


Clean!  Yay

Ahhh organized shoes

Clean and tidy dresser

(Ahem, see the weird lines on my dresser?  That is from when we moved, and my husband got the bright idea to DUCT tape our drawers shut.  So when he pulled it off he pulled the front of my dresser off too!  Great moving skillz dear)

Winter shit shoved above the closet BE GONE SNOW BOOTS

Dresses up front all ready for my pasty white winter legs!

Don't worry my boyfriend didn't get kicked out though

Hello summer shoes

Wednesday after work my husband went and helped a friend move.  His friend paid him for helping.  Later that day while we were roaming the grocery store I told him about earlier how Ginger, Lisa and I had met at the mall for coffee and then messed around trying on shoes.  I was telling him about some great shoes and the big sales blah blah and we went on with our shopping.  I turned around grabbed some stuff and turned back around to see money in my face.  He was giving me the money he made from moving and his exact words were, "go get your shoes baby."  He then took the boys home and let me go off to the mall to buy these beauties.


Is he not the best ever?


A few other recent summer finds: 

(never thought i would be a flats kinda person, until I put these on and then wondered,  "where have you been all my life."  All of my outfits are ten gazillion times cuter with flats instead of tennis shoes, Converse, Vans, flip flops.

And finally a few months ago Katie and I were at the place we shouldn't ever be allowed to go (read:Target) when we found these puppies on clearance for $6.99.  I told Katie she had to buy them.  And to thank me for helping her spend her money she grabbed a pair in my size too and off we went merely with our fancy new shoes!


On a side note.  Today my dad and Codi were outside playing.  After a while Rob and Brandon joined in. They were all messing around with the new basketball hoop my dad put up for the boys.  I finally headed home and walked up just in time to see Codi pushing the little toy stroller around.  Suddenly the stroller caught an edge and faster then I could blink a large THUMP came from Codi's head as he face planted into the concrete.  He has a massive goose egg on his forehead, a 2 inch scrape from his forehead, over his eye and down the side of his head, scrapes on his cheek and mouth, and temple.  The poor guy is a mess.  The worst part is, it happened so fast I couldn't even have stopped it if I had been close enough.  I have photos of it, but they are on my work camera.  It was the saddest little thing I've ever seen and his scrapes and bruises are breaking my heart.  After that we took the boys on a run around the hill at the park.  By the time we made it down, the bruise on his head had morphed into a huge goose egg.  After a bath and some Neosporin he tried to lay down on my chest but kept having to turn his head because it hurt to lay on that side.

That noise you hear, that is the sound of my heart CRUSHING, as he looked up at me sadly, in pain and asked to nurse.  He hasn't done that in a month since we stopped, and it was the most heart wrenching thing I've ever encountered as a mom, having to say no and watching him break down into a fit of screams. 

Woe is me.


I have some upcoming blog posts stashed in my head.  Here are some previews:

*How I finally had a second appointment with my therapist, and he is leaning away from normal depressed and closer to depressed with a side of Manic and or OCD.  In fact he really wants to revisit the OCD talk next week.  When I mentioned this to my friends their response was an overwhelming DUH SHANNON WE HAVE ALL KNOWN THAT.  Sounds like he thinks aside from normal OCD I might actually be obsessive with making myself sad, or ruining something before it has the chance to be ruined.  More on this to come.

*How I robbed the grocery store with nothing but coupons and a club card.

*How I had my first night since Codi was born, alone with Brandon only while Codi stayed at my parents, and how amazingly wonderful it was to just soak up Brandon, all alone while he wasn't busy competing with Codi.

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Mar. 28, 2009


Mar. 28 2009
Tabitha said…
I don't know where to start! Your closet looks great ~ wish I had a big closet like that! Your shoes ~ wow ~ I love them all ~ I love shoes ~ those ones you got from Target are my favourite. Edward!! I love him! Your poor little chap, I hope that his head is all better now ~ I hate those moments where you can almost see it happening in slow motion, but you can't get there. The upcoming posts sound great ~ will be back over later, Love and hugs Tab XXXXX
Mar. 28 2009
Christy said…
First off, please come to my house and clean my closets. Thanks! Second, Izzy fell on is face last week. No bumps, but some nasty scrapes. And he has a snotty nose, so I keep accidentally knocking his scabs off. So sad. Third, can't wait to hear more...
Mar. 28 2009
Lindz said…
My reader hates your website. I love your shoes... the new ones are great. Nick's sister and I went to DSW yesterday and I was UNABLE to find any shoes that I wanted. I think I must be sick or something, I am worried.
Mar. 29 2009
kristi said…
Great job on the closet. And your husband is freaking awesome! So are your new shoes!
Mar. 29 2009
Mrs. F said…
Hi, Chronicles of Narnia. Nice secret door in the closet. I am dying to know where it leads to. (Please say it leads to Narnia) (I am getting all of your posts in my reader, I just have been a slow reader lately)
Mar. 29 2009
crissy mathers said…
can you come over and do that here please. you can watch twilight on blu ray.
Mar. 31 2009
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Jan. 28 2010
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