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Is it wrong that I am currently dancing around my living room with my fifteen month old child in my arms to the tune of Dr. Dre's Next Episode?


I am so classy!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Mar. 12, 2009


Mar. 12 2009
Heidi said…
Hell no! Dance your ass off woman. You both deserve a little fun.
Mar. 13 2009
Multi-tasking mama said…
Hell yes that is classy! I listened to that song so much during my son's first year that I am surprised his first words weren't "Hold up"
Mar. 13 2009
Ginger said…
It's only because your little man is a dancin' fool! You need to post a video of him groovin' to the music!
Mar. 13 2009
Marni Self said…
Hahaha... we were listening to Eminem in the car the other day and my son was like, what is this one mommy? He likes Just Lose It, by the way...
Mar. 14 2009
Billie said…
HaHa! Love it! We are currently listening to Eminem and Flipsyde> Dance on, Mommy!!


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