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None of this is current anymore.  Someday if I decide to write here again, I'll update this page.  Until then, I'm going to leave it empty.

When it came time to write an about me page I was at a loss.  Sure I know what I think about me, but often knowing a person, comes down to knowing what the people around them think.  I asked those closest to me to write something about me.  I figured this would give you the best insight into who I am.  Katie was the first to turn hers in, So, here is Katie's, About Shannon. (okay actually Ginger was first but I accidentally deleted the email and I'm waiting on her to resend it).   Anyway Katie succeeded in making me cry at my desk at work.  I heart you Katie.


I met my best friend when I was 10. I walked into Mr.McClain’s fifth grade class with an awkwardness that only ten year-olds can appreciate. It was a new school and I was scared and nervous, then the most beautiful girl came up to me and introduced herself as Shannon. She was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. She had big blue eyes and long blond hair that framed her oval-face (and boobs, which I am still waiting for). We were essentially opposites, looks and personalities, but we became inseparable. We went sloshing through mud, had crushes on boys, dreamt of our kids growing-up together, and later tore-up the high-school party scene – I have way too many memories of Shannon laughing while doing the sprinkler dance. We drifted apart our senior in high school for various reasons. This time-period was when Shannon was the most vulnerable. She needed a good friend and I left her alone to face her demons. That action is one of my greatest regrets. I knew she was hurting and her insomnia was getting worse and yet I still did not reach out to her. I know it was selfish and horrible. She partied for two years straight.

Enter Robert. Rob is one the most kind, caring, loving, and laid-back person I know. Robert saved Shannon. He is her friend, lover, and anchor. Shannon and I also began talking more frequently around this time. I would drop by her house (unannounced). Head straight to her candy drawer in the kitchen and sit on her couch and talk for hours like we used to in high school. Robert proposed in February of 2004 and they were married later that year. I must say that was one of the wildest weddings I have ever been to…AC/DC Rocks! Shannon found out that she was pregnant with Brandon in November. Brandon changed her life. You have never seen two more loving parents than Shannon and Rob. She swore that she only wanted one child, but secretly I knew (and she did as well) that she still had enough love for another baby. Codi was born in November of 2007. He is the happiest little boy I have ever met. Brandon is a mini-Rob with Shannon’s wild personality and Codi is a mini-Shannon with Rob’s laid-back personality.

Shannon has ALWAYS been there for me. I could call her at three in the morning and she would simply ask “what’s up.” She is the best friend a girl could ask for. She is always up for anything, a trait that I believe she was born with…the need to be spontaneous; however, it has changed from going shopping in Sacramento to shopping at Babies R’ Us on a whim. Last summer we started going to the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market. We joked that we used to go out all night on the weekends, now we go to bed early and get up early to go the Farmer’s Market. When did we get so old?! I trust Shannon with my life, but more importantly, I trust her with my son’s life. Shannon started watching my son two months ago. Knowing that Dylan is with Shannon gives me a sense of calm, which for means the world to me. Do not let Shannon fool you. She may drop the F-Bomb more than anyone I know and lovingly call you Slut-Muffin or See-You-Next-Tuesday, but she is one of the kindest, smartest, loving person I know. She is an amazing woman, friend, mother, and wife. I am lucky that Shannon has been part of my life since she said hello to the shy, awkward new kid in Mr. McClain’s fifth grade class.

Written By Katie McCann


And now, written by my wonderful loving husband...you guys are really making me misty eyed

Hmm....what to write about you. Well, Shannon, my wife. There's really one word that always pops into my head when someone asks me to say something about her..."AMAZING". Amazing as a mother, wife, and mostly just as a person. See, she tells me stories sometimes about how she "used" to be and I sometimes believe her and sometimes don't...lol. I mean, they are so far fetched and just not the person who she is today.

Her as a mother is just amazing to watch. I mean, I don't remember how my mother was when I was my sons age, but she just has this thing about her when she is with her sons, as she argues with Brandon as I write..LOL(you can leave that part out if you want). She does things with for them that I don't think normal mothers do for their kids. She goes above and beyond. Everyday, she packs special lunches for Brandon. Cuts his sandwiches in shapes of hearts, lets Brandon help her bake everything, COOKS HIM SPAM AND CHEESE SANDWICHES. Now I know other mothers don't do that for their kids. With Codi, she never gives up. Codi doesn't like to eat anything that's not breast milk or sweets. But dammit, Shannon is going to stick anything and everything in front of him til he throws anything and everything on the ground. She doesn't just settle to give him things that she knows he likes. Now I know a lot of mothers ween their kids off breast milk but it just amazes me how strong she and all mothers are. No matter how long he cries, she sits there with patience, rubbing his back until he falls asleep, as I snore in the other room =) The thing I like the most is when she makes up stories and tells them to the boys to put them to sleep.

Her as a wife. Well let's see. She wakes up and makes me breakfast most days at 0600 so I have something to eat at work in the morning. Otherwise I get vending machine food. She makes dinner every night, and makes sure that she makes enough leftovers for lunch the next day. I remember a long time ago, it was after Brandon was born, I emailed a letter to my Dad. It was when Shannon had surgery. I think she was getting some scar tissue removed. I had to watch Brandon for just like a couple hours and I was way out of my league. My dad wrote me and asked how Shannon was doing and how it went with me and my son. I wrote back to my Dad that Shannon was doing good and the surgery went good. Then I went on to say just how amazing Shannon was because what she does each and every day with our son. I couldn't go a couple hours and she did it all day. I don't think I ever told Shannon about that letter. I saved it for the longest time and I thought I still had it but I can't find it. I guess that would go under her being a mother but whatev.

Shannon as a person is stronger then she thinks she is. She has been through A LOT and I'm sure that there is plenty that I don't know. And to be the person that she is today, it is again, amazing. Shannon has shared a lot to everyone on this blog about her and just to think that she used to be that person in the past is not very believable. She goes through a lot on a day to day basis with family, work, and everything else going one in our lives and she holds her composure to the T.

I mean, she has to be amazing to put up with three male children right? Well, make that four, including her Dad.


Written by Shannon's Husband Robert



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